fm whatsapp old version (All Old and New Versions APKs Included)

If your Android system does not support the latest version of FM WhatsApp, you might be looking for an older version that is compatible with your device. We understand the need for a stable and reliable version that works seamlessly on your phone. Below, you’ll find links to download both old and new versions of FM WhatsApp.

fm whatsapp old version (All Old and New Versions APKs Included)

Why Use FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is a popular modified version of the standard WhatsApp app, offering additional features and customization options that are not available in the original version. Many users prefer FM WhatsApp for its enhanced privacy settings, unique themes, and extended functionality.

Available FM WhatsApp Versions

FM WhatsApp Version 7.60

Download v7.60 APK

Download v7.60 APK

Features: Enhanced privacy settings, additional themes, and bug fixes from previous versions.

fm whatsapp version 7.60 download

FM WhatsApp Version 9.35

Download v9.35 APK

Features: Improved user interface, new emojis, and performance enhancements.

fm whatsapp version 9.35 download apk

FM WhatsApp Version 9.21

Download v9.21 APK

Features: Stability improvements, new chat features, and better media sharing options.

fm whatsapp version 9.21 download apk

FM WhatsApp Version 6.90

Download v6.90 APK

Features: Basic enhancements over the original WhatsApp, including custom themes and privacy options.

fm whatsapp version 6.90 download apk

FM WhatsApp Version 8.86

Download v8.86 APK

Features: Advanced customization options, anti-ban features, and improved performance.

fm whatsapp version 8.86 download apk

FM WhatsApp Version 8.35

Download v8.35 APK

Features: Various bug fixes, new stickers, and enhanced user experience.

FM WhatsApp Version 8.70

Download v8.70 APK

Features: Additional privacy settings, new themes, and optimized performance.

Why Update to the Latest Version?

While older versions of FM WhatsApp can be useful for compatibility reasons, using the latest version is always recommended for the best performance and the latest features. Updates often include security improvements, new functionalities, and bug fixes that enhance the overall user experience.

Safety and Download Tips

When downloading any version of FM WhatsApp, it’s crucial to use a trusted source to avoid potential security risks. Always scan downloaded files for malware and ensure that your device settings allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.


FM WhatsApp offers a versatile and feature-rich alternative to the standard WhatsApp application. Whether you need an older version for compatibility or want the latest updates, we’ve got you covered. Remember to prioritize safety and enjoy the enhanced features of FM WhatsApp.

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